Sunday, April 13, 2014


Words by Elpidio "Boy" Biliran, Jr.

Music by TQ Solis, Jr.

Performed by Ray Barnette

Arranged by Gerry Peters
Midi Magic Studio, Nashville, TN

Mastered by Roy Tutor
Tagbilaran City

I hear the birds, the song they sing
See the sunlight gleams across my dream;
The trees and fields sparkle in silver green,
The morning dew did drain,
Its sweetness spent.

I see your face, the smile it brings
As your eyes betray the warmth within;
All the tenderness and warm caress
In viting me to possess life to live.

The soundless noise of my mind
Swept by peace caress,
When I'm alone you come
To calm down my fear,
When I am worn you give me strength
And make me face the pain;
Who can ask for more with you just beside me.

You undertstand when others can't
And the words you say dry tears away
O you love me so and this I know
I cherish time that we share 'til now.

(Repeat Refrain)

Copyright © 1981, 1996 Paring Bol-anon Music | QT del Sol Music
Adm. by Fro's Music. All rights reserved

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